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Welcome to Sleeptracker Ireland!


Have you been sleeping badly? Are you tired? Do you know anyone who has been sleeping badly?

Sleep like a baby again! Get up in the morning feeling bright-eyed and bushy-tailed! Sleep improves your mood and rejuvenates the energy that you need. Give yourself the gift of sleep! How exactly?

At best, you could simply forgo the alarm clock. Then you would sleep for as long as you need to, and wake up yourself. Are you likely to oversleep? Then go to bed earlier! That wouldn't work for you? Then ask yourself: "Do I fall asleep at irregular times?" "Do I get up at irregular times? Do I sometimes not manage to get my full 7-8 hours of sleep? Am I a night owl? Do I sleep badly at night?" If you have answered all these with a 'yes' and either cannot or do not wish to alter your sleeping habits, from now on you should be confident about forgoing the conventional alarm clock. Get your own personal advantage with the Sleeptracker sleep monitor and sleep phase alarm clock. The Sleeptracker is an American invention and heralds a new era in alarm clock technology:

The Sleeptracker displays your restless moments during sleep, and in the morning it shows how you have slept, and why you have slept well or badly. Unlike a normal alarm clock, Sleeptracker does not wake you from a very deep sleep, but instead tracks your "almost-awake" - or light sleep - moments (these are the short phases between REM sleep and light sleep). In this way you wake up at the right moment at slightly different times during a time window you select. So you feel fit and in good humour for the day ahead! Sleeptracker has been tested using the most modern and expensive sleep laboratory equipment and is recommended by leading sleep specialists (here is the report).

Click here for the report on "Medical News Today" (English).

Sleeptracker can also be used for a POWER NAP, a short rest during the day.

The vibration function ensures that your partner is not disturbed, which means that Sleeptracker is also ideal for couples who need to get up at different times.

Are you short on time for sports or exercise activities? With Sleeptracker, exercise in the morning becomes a pleasure. You wake up in great form, all ready to start your day with a jog, a cycle around the block, or strength training!


Press reports

Sleep labour Sleeptracker is rated best.

The quintessential editorial team of Westdeutschen Rundfunk 2 broadcasting company (WDR 2) tested various sleep phase alarm clocks during a sleep test. The Sleeptracker proved to be the clear favourite among test subjects.

Now it's the NEWS ... NEWS.AT has tested the Sleeptracker Pro for you and described it very extensively.

SAT1 delivers television segment about Sleeptracker!

In SAT 1 magazine "Welt der Mediczin" (World of Medicine) broadcasted a very informative segment about the Sleeptracker.

Latest report on ABC News about Sleeptracker PRO

Sleeptracker on ZDF!

Under the theme of time changes, on 24 March ZDF daily consumer magazine "Volle Kanne" brought out a segment on the most modern and amusing alarm clocks. Naturally the Sleeptracker was covered extensively in this.

Sleeptracker chosen as clever product

The German Innovation Foundation www. has declared the Sleeptracker to be a clever product.

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